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Assault & More from Musclepharm Australia

MusclePharm is an up and coming player in the performance nutrition field. The brand has made a name for itself due to a willingness to innovate, and an ability to create quality products across all performance nutrition categories. Many supplement companies make a name for themselves with one standout product before expanding to other categories, but MusclePharm is making waves in each and every category.

We make a wide variety of MusclePharm products available in Australia. Our collection includes MusclePharm Assault, Musclepharm Casein, MusclePharm Amino1, and even an assortment of MusclePharm gym apparel - when we said the company was creating products in every category, we really meant every category!

We encourage you to pick up your Musclepharm Assault or any other Musclepharm products in Australia through Supplement Empire. We promise to deliver to any location inside Australia for under $10, and will ship completely free if your order hits $170.

If you need answers to any supplement related questions, give Supplement Empire a call on 02 9797 1421 – we’ll point you in the right direction!