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Ultimate nutrition is a company that has been in the sport nutrition industry for over 40 years. It is founded by Victor Rubino, at the time of inception Victor was one of the top amateur power lifters in the US. Victor wanted to continue still to improve and he began to realise and place a great, justified importance on supplements – he saw this as the missing piece in improving his performance through increased strength and an increase in recovery time.

By 1994 Ultimate nutrition was in the class of the first companies to offer Amino acid tablets, protein, carbohydrate powders and various fat burners to the market. Their electrolyte fuelled ‘Sports Energizer’ product came in 10 flavours, ready to drink and in a glass bottle and placed them at the fore front of their competitors in the industry for sports supplements.

Consistently being at the front of their industry competitors, another example of their innovation is the first to release whey protein powder in a bottle, but they refuse to let the innovative nature end there. Moving into the future Ultimate nutrition continue to excel with a range of products including the following: Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer®, ProStar® Whey, Muscle Juice® 2544, GlutaPure®, Protein Isolate, Iso Sensation® 93, Amino 2000, Ultra Ripped®, Horse Power®, and now Horse Power® X.

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