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PROTEIN POWDER!!! superfood supplement powder


Purest form of Protein powder

whey protein - a protein source dervided from the bi product of cheese.

Whey protein digestion happens in the intenstine.


Slow release/digestion

higher amounts of fats, cholesterol and dairy.

goes through an Ultra filtered process having a stronger concentrated protein content.

due to its ultra filtration, it is reccomended lactose intolerants do not consume due to dairy impurities)

Perfect for someone who does not have the oppiortunity to catch up on meals and can get the slow digestive, fuller for longer realease also feeding the muscles for a longer period of time with rich amino acids that it needs throughout the day.

Also ideal for an ectomorph who could use the extra calories looking to bulk.

We stock: Universal Ultra Whey


Organic/vegan source of protein.

High in amino acids (reccommended to mix with rice protein for a complete intake of all essencial amino acids!)

high in lysine (one of the 3 essencial amino acids)



Protein extracted from beef source. known to have little to no sugar and fat content compared to whey.

Beef protein is broken down in the stomach. therefore, little to no swelling or inflamation from this protein source.

we stock: Carnebolic (steak based)



high in natural BCAAS (particularly Methionine and cystine - 2 of the 3 essencial amino acids)

Alternative/vegan friendly source of protein which includes many health benefits such as assisting cardiovascular health,

blood sugar regulation and aids weight loss.

Also is a source of vitamin D which strengthens and promotes bone growth and immune system


BCAAS - fuel your muscle during training

to prevent burning muscle during workout.

making the body turn to sugar/glucose instead for source of energy and not using muscle (catabolic)

allowing your muscles to get maximum gain from your workout without compensating muscle mass.

By taking BCAAS right before or during your workout you will prolong the protein syntheis state of the body and effectively

prolong your workout avoiding a fast burnout, increase/maintaing energy

and maintaining the body's anabolic state at optimum level. 


L - ALYNINE / %60 of body's natural Amino acid released from muscles during training. BCAAS replaces/replenishes lost L-ALYNINE

to prevent muscle burn.


Proptein senthesis - Body's natural biological production of protein.