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Limitation of Liability

Supplement Empire is not liable for:

1. Any damages caused by the consumption of any products on our site, as well as the misuse of any of our products.
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6. For any other matter relating to this site or any linked site.

Refund Policy

If an order has been shipped out from Supplement Empire and is incorrect or faulty through the fault of Supplement Empire, the order will be replaced at no extra cost or funds refunded when the incorrect goods (all products must be intact) are returned within 14 days.

Products ordered incorrectly by the customer will not be refunded unless agreed to by Supplement Empire staff. Each individual case will be assessed based on its merits. Customers must inform Supplement Empire within 7 days of receipt of the products to be eligible for any refund or replacement of product(s).

Order Cancellation

Supplement Empire reserves the right to cancel any order which is deemed not to meet our requirements and/or if adequate information is not provided, therefore restricting our ability to provide you with adequate service.

If your order is cancelled after your credit card has been charged, we will issue a credit to your credit card in the amount of the charge.

Termination of Usage

Any User/Customer who is deemed to breach the Terms and Conditions of our website may have their account cancelled. 

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We reserve the right to terminate or question users who place an order using a credit card that is not owned by them and/or their shipping address is different to their home address.

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Supplement Empire reserves the right to change any information, images, pricing, and the addition and/or removal of any products without notice. If the changing of any information, post an order being completed, impacts customers, Supplement Empire will honour the order prior to any changes.

Acceptance of usage

All customers must agree to all the information provided above prior to purchasing any products and/or using this website. Any breaches of our Terms and Conditions will be dealt with on a case by cases basis and account termination may be implemented.